This page will hold individual thoughts about Jazz, my feelings about it, how it affects me - things like that. While not a full blog, I would welcome comments and be able to tie them to the musing if the writer did not mind. Should be fun.

3. 2006-04-06: How much does knowing some particular recording's antecedents affect listening to it now? Can a record be appreciated solely for itself or must all of the listener's history be involved?

2. 2006-03-22: There is a big difference between being a reviewer and a critic. I review, and feel it is my job to try to get across the musical content of a record, while not just merely describing it, but added my personal reactions to it. Criticizing the artistic choices is not part of the process.

Thus, in my view a review just cannot be 'objective'. Yes, a record exists apart from me or you, but I simply cannot detach myself from the music. A record, therefore can be 'good', that is well put together, without particularly moving me one way or the other. Those are the hardest reviews to write, while something that raises goosebumps or brings tears makes it hard not to become too involved.

Finding the balance is sometimes a difficult thing.

1. 2006-03-19: OK, the main question: What is Jazz?