Below are the CDs that for one reason or another made a deep impression on me. Not all have been reviewed and not every one is recent. These are the releases that I offer when asked for something that explains the lure of jazz for me, or why I get so emotional about the whole thing and spend so much time and effort on it.

These are not my top 10 of any given year, or Desert Island Picks, but those discs that bring me back to the first time I heard them no matter how many times they are played. These are the discs that continue over the years to amaze and reveal deeper and deeper levels. This is a very personal list that might tell you everything about me.

When I get more time, I will be adding more of my favorite records to this list.

Title Leader Review
Amaryllis Marilyn Crispell 2006-03-09
Astigmatic Krzysztof Komeda 2005-10-31
How Sweet It Is Loren Stillman 2005-03-08
Indian Summer Tomas Sauter 2006-09-06
Kind Of Blue Miles Davis
Leosia Tomasz Stanko 2005-10-31
Litania Tomasz Stanko 2005-10-31
Nothing Ever Was Anyway Marilyn Crispell 2006-03-09
Save Big Russ Johnson 2005-06-23
Serenity Bobo Stenson 2015-09-06
Speak No Evil Wayne Shorter
Ta Lam Gebhard Ullmann 2007-10-03
The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel Miles Davis
TWET Tomasz Stanko
Undercurrent Bill Evans