Here I am going to put the various technical things I have learned while getting everything to work.

2006-04-17: Added the track page with alphabet sub searches like musicians.
Need to add some links to the entries

2006-04-14: Added review entries based on part of a larger multi-disc or discography article.
Have to learn how to control placement of image without tables.
2006-03-19: Learned enough about Cascading Style Sheets to be dangerous, although I still do not understand everything in the template that I started with.
2006-03-19: Slowly learning enough Javascript to control paging and sorting, but not enough yet to make the site look really snazzy. I am always torn between taking the time to learn more technical stuff and adding content to the site.
2006-03-19: I now have to link the review and CD list table so that you can get to a review from the CD collection page and the CD details from the review page.
2006-03-19: Added sub-selection by first letter of last name.